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As a subsidiary company of WOSUN GROUP, YONGKANG AIJIU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Pocket bike, Dirt bike, Mini chopper, Harley scooter, ATV, Gas scooter, Electric scooter, Mini electric scooter, Electric bikes, Mini Electric Bikes, Electric motorcycle, Golf cart, Kick scooter, Helmet, Skate board. Our factories are located the techno-pole city of YONGKANG (Zhejiang Province in China). We have been in the scooter industry for four years and have been distributing different designs of scooters to fit all transportation and entertainment needs.

YONGKANG AIJIU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has a workshop of 30000 sq meters, almost 200 employees, covering the range of the domestic market. Rely on high technology, advanced equipments, scientific production and an efficient management system, our excellent products have been sold well worldwide, such as West Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Russia and Middle

East, almost 20 countries all of the world. All our products are made under strict ISO9002 quality control system with CE,GS approval.

The Development at top speed stems from the Sincerity and credit serving customers, our company has been awarded famous and top credit grade supplier in Yongkang China. These products made in YONGKANG AIJIU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has been sold well in Europe, American, Japan, Panama, Mexico, Dubai etc.

We provide OEM service to our customers for consumer items even it based on Software and Electrical Parts. Some customers wish to invent something, which they may find difficult or almost impossible. Developing an idea may be dream for some people. It may not be so difficult, We YONGKANG AIJIU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. offer our friendly hand to such customer to work together and let your dreams comes true. Some of our products have generated 8-10 times profit from our export price.

So if you happen to be looking for really high quality service and products, make the right choice and contact us. Simply let us take care of your worries. YONGKANG AIJIU INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. offers it`s customers excellent price and quality products.

Our mission
首次取消煤炭重点合同;首次放开铁路运力配置;继续完善煤电联动机制。同时,发展改革委牵头起草的《关于取消重点合同 推进电煤价格并轨》的报告已上报国务院。另外,就2013年煤电合同谈判,发展改革委已就《深化煤炭市场化改革做好煤炭产运需衔接工作指导意见》征求意见。搭建产业整合平台,整合资金和技术,建设产业基础设施,确立产业标准,维护产业生态,推动产业健康发展,服务于国家的能源安全和食品安全战略。
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得益于水平井及水力压裂等技术的突破,美国的“页岩气革命”使世界能源格局发生了改变。但是开采页岩气需要大量水,同时开采过程的化学物质可能污染地下水源;可燃冰的储量庞大,科学家估计海底可燃冰足够人类使用1000 年,但其开发可能诱发海底滑坡等地质灾害。

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