Benefits of Fascia Massage Gun?

Time:2020-05-25 04:55:45

★ Fascia relaxation can effectively comb the muscle fascia

Let the "balloon-like" myofascial membrane be stretched and have the possibility of extension, so that they will not wrap the muscles and affect muscle activity, and reduce muscle friction, which is very good for joint mobility and muscle extensibility. Great help.

★ Improve sympathetic excitability

Make muscles easier to work. Imagine that you are working hard to lift your hips or waistcoat lines, but your brain is not able to effectively communicate with the gluteal muscles or abdominal muscles. How do you ensure the training effect? Does the coach do magic?

★ Avoid "too strong"

When the training is completed, the sympathetic nerves will be over-excited, causing the muscles to be too nervous when they are static, which will affect the recovery of growth, or make the girls feel "too strong." By relaxing the fascia to release these extra excitements, the above problems can be solved and alleviated.

★ ♂The muscles are fuller, ♀The muscles are more slender

After the training is completed, the muscle fibers have a good contraction experience. When in order to obtain a better muscle shape, for example, boys want muscles to be fuller, girls want muscle lines to be more slender. At this time, they need to stretch to achieve their goals. Dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training make the muscles and joints more beautiful and safe.

★ Special reminder:

Note 1: Never hit the joint

Fascia relaxation guns are generally only suitable for muscle and soft tissues. If you directly hit the joints, it is almost the same as knocking the joints directly on the stone, which is easy to cause joint damage.

Note 2: Not all parts are suitable for use

Muscles like necks, thorax and abdomen, and armpits are relatively thin, and near the organs and aorta, impact guns are not recommended at all.

Note three: not the longer the time, the more painful, the more effective

Use somatosensory to maintain the soreness of 6-8 minutes, the use time of the same position can be 5-10 minutes.

Note 4: Do not assemble or modify the fascia gun without permission

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